Agile Coaching Skills - Certified Facilitator™ (ACS-CF)

ACS-CF workshop helps in Cultivating collaboration, ensuring every voice is heard, and coaches on developing the facilitation mindset of a neutral process guide.

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Facilitation supports groups of people as they collaborate, create, and make decisions. The Agile Coaching Skills - Certified Facilitator (ACS-CF) course provides training for anyone interested in developing their facilitation mindset and knowledge while learning from experienced agile practitioners.

Completing this course is also a way forward on the path for those who want to become Certified Agile Coaches. Facilitation is one of the many tools essential to coaching, and this course will equip you to develop and hone the skill.

Course Description

Grow your mindset, knowledge, and ability in professional facilitation. Effectively facilitating a group or team toward co-created and meaningful outcomes is a core skill for agile coaching, leadership, scrum mastery, and other professional roles.


Please find that the training that best fits your availability.


ACS-CF Learning Objectives

  • Discover what a facilitator is and what they do
  • Practice the mindset of a neutral facilitator
  • Learn how to facilitate teams through conflict
  • Understand the needs of different teams
  • Apply the skillset before, during, and after a facilitation event
  • Benefits

    • Deep dive of an in-demand skill that goes beyond technique alone and explores the mindset of a facilitator
    • Live, immersive facilitation practice
    • Scrum Alliance-approved agile instructors delivering the material
    • Membership with a global organization
    • Contributes to evidence of facilitation experience when you apply to become a CEC or CTC

    Who Can Attend

    • Anyone interested in facilitation
    • Aspiring agile coaches and agile leaders
    • Scrum masters
    • Project managers
    • Product owners
    • Anyone who wants better meetings

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • This workshop is meant for experienced Scrum Master who want to take next step in their career learning on Scrum Master. The CSP-SM certification workshop, demonstrates both theoretical Scrum knowledge and practical experience with teams and organizations. Agile leaders, including coaches, consultants, program and project managers, facilitators, and technical leaders, can all benefit from building their Scrum Master skills with the CSP-SM.
    • Students must have an active A-CSM certification before attending this course. A person who is already having CSM and A-CSM Certification with agile/scrum experience would be best fit to attend this program.
    • And has at least 24 months of work experience specific to the role of Scrum Master (within past five years)

    No, This Certification needs to renewed every two years once by paying the renewal fee.

    There is no exam for this this Certification.

    If you have more questions feel free to contact us on

    The Certification is issued by Scrum alliance. (


    Certification Details

    Process of Getting Certified:

    • Register for a CSP-SM workshop for city you are interested in
    • Receive Course Material and Pre-Workshop assignment
    • Attend a pre-workshop tele-conference with Trainer to go over pre-workshop material and the course content
    • Complete the mandatory pre-workshop assignment
    • Attend a 2 day classroom workshop
    • Complete any incomplete assignment and submit
    • Get certified

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