Vineet Patni


A passionate trainer, a compassionate coach, an avid learner, an aspiring author, and a firm believer in Lean-Agile-Scrum values and principles… Enabling positive change... one person at a time, one training at a time… Contributing toward a humane workplace with high-performance teams!!

Vineet strives to integrate work and personal life so he can live a fulfilling life. He chose to follow his passion for teaching, combined to bring positive change and live his core values of service and contribution. He serves organizations in reshaping workplaces by adopting collaboration-based work environments by spreading the right Agile Mindset, thereby enabling Business Agility.

Vineet has performed various roles such as Scrum Trainer, Scrum Master, Agile Coach & Trainer, Leadership Coach & Trainer, and. Enterprise Transformation Lead. Since Oct 2014, Vineet has globally trained hundreds of Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and C-level executives in Agility, Leadership, and Scrum.

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