1.VP-Sales is asking the Developers to add a very important item to the current Sprint. What should the Developers do?

2.Who Owns Sprint Backlog?

3.What is maximum time for the Sprint Review for a 30 days Sprint/ Iteration?

4.What do you mean by event time boxing?

5.Which of the below is not a role in a Scrum Team?

6.When is a Sprint considered as completed?

7.When using Scrum, who is primarily responsible for making scope versus schedule trade-off decisions?

8.Product Backlog Prioritization is Owned by?

9.Which role in Scrum can cancel SPRINT?

10.Which is not the Scrum Event or Ceremony?

11.What is the relationship between Sprint Backlog and Product Backlog?

12.Which is not a SCRUM Value?

13.What are the 3 pillars of Empiricism?

14.Scrum fits perfect for which domain?

15.What is recommended Scrum Team (SM+PO+Developers) size (as per Scrum Guide 2020)?

16.Definition of Done is a mutual agreement between Developers and ____?

17.When should we be doing Estimation for Product Backlog Items?

18.What is the primary way a Scrum Master keeps a Development Team working at its highest level of productivity?

19.Why is the Daily Scrum held at the same time and at the same place?

20.What is SCRUM??

1.The first principle of the agile manifesto believes individuals and interactions are _____ than processes and tools

2.Which of the following is an Agile Manifesto value?

3.In the agile manifesto, what is valued more than processes and tools

4.Agile in one word is?

5.What emerges from a self organized team?

1.A key characteristic of a High-Performing team is that team members:

2.A project team is performing the work of the project to achieve its objectives. Which of the following is not potentially a project team?

3.A project manager is performing project resource management. Which of the following is NOT a critical part of this activity?

4.4. Your project manager is working on preparing a stakeholder register. Who among the following would be his least priority?

5.A project manager has been working with the team on task assignment and following were the final assignments for developing project management plan: John and Steve were assigned as Responsible for the task William and James were assigned as Accountable for the task. Jacob was identified as the SME and was marked under Consult Program Manager Jack was marked under Informed of the RACI chart. Which of the following statements are true about RACI chart

6.Project ABC is geographically distributed and has members from different backgrounds. Project manager Sam is working on building a productive climate for the team. Which of the following is not an attribute of diversity and inclusion?

7.A project team along with their project manager are working on identifying activity resources. Which of the following do you need to consider while producing a resource calendar?

8.Virtual teams could be ideal for geographically distributed projects, but they have their certain challenges. Which of the following is a challenge for virtual teams?

9.Key members of a project are in the process of defining and assigning individual and team responsibilities. Which of the following is most critical for this team while the project management method is still not finalized?

10.A project team is trying to agree on actions that are acceptable and unacceptable in the project management context. This is done to set expectations for performance and decrease risk of confusion. Which of the following stakeholders are an important part of this?

11.Negotiations ensure mutual understanding prior to entering a contract. Which of the following might not be included in the agreement documents?

12.An important feature in Agile is to maintain a prioritized list of backlog. Which of the following is NOT a prioritization technique?

13.It is critical to understand the required competencies when forming and developing high-performing teams. Which of the following is used to determine team weaknesses?

14.Estimations are fundamental in every project. Which of the following is used as an estimate in Agile projects?

15.Teams in Agile approach take accountability to ensure that all the work required for an iteration is delivered. Which of the following statements is not true?

16.Tuckman's ladder model describes 5 stages of team development . Which of the following is not true about this model?

17.The Project Manager of a team observes that the project team is spending too much time during standups though this is meant to be a 15-minute ceremony every day. What could be the possible cause of this?

18.It is important to have a clear vision for every project. Sam states that Vision is about bridging the gap between where we are and where we want to be. John mentions that Vision is about satisfying customer needs based on the requirements provided. Vinod says that Vision is only meant for the organization as a whole and not required for a project. Joe states that Vision is a desired end state. Who among them is correct about Vision?

19.Project Charter is a document issued by the:

20.Agile has certain ceremonies like daily standup, sprint review, and sprint retrospective. Which of the following is not true about the ceremonies?

21.Kanban board is a tool that: (Mark all correct choices)

22.Fist of five technique is used for building consensus. A fist is a statement of:

23.A project team is discussing story points to be used for estimates. Which of the following is correct when it comes to story points?

24.XP Metaphor describes a common vision on how a program works. Metaphors are not intended to be:

25.Which is of the following techniques puts customers/stakeholders in the position of a marketer of the product?

26.Customer ABC has a project requirement where they are not certain about the end product but would like to progress based on feedback and review of the development. Customer XYZ is clear about the requirements and has provided a detailed document of expectations along with the requirements. Which of the following methodologies would you follow for these customers?

27.A senior member from the portfolio team of your organization has requested you to prepare a document to validate the benefits of a component since they do not have enough information. Which document would you prepare in this case?

28.Agile Practice Guide categorizes project life cycle into 2 major types:

29.Which of the following characterizes Adaptive life cycle as per Agile Practice Guide? Choose the best answer.

30.You are nominated as a project manager and presented an overview of the project in which the outcome is well understood and cost is determined in the early phase. Which lifecycle represents this the best?

31.Which technique allows a large number of ideas to be classified into groups for analysis?

32.A project manager requests his subject matter experts to build visuals to represent the project outcome with an intent to illustrate the functioning of a product. Which of the following is the project manager expecting from the SMEs?

33.Planning packages in WBS are:

34.Code of Accounts in WBS is used:

35.Which of the following can a Scope Baseline include?

36.Work and activities from the WBS can be placed in backlogs. Which of the following is correct about backlogs?

37.User stories are written by:

38.A typical user story contains:

39.Which of the following is NOT a tool/technique for verifying scope?

40.A project manager is reviewing a checklist of all the criteria required to be met so that a deliverable can be considered ready for customer use. What is the checklist called?

41.A few team members are determining the cause and degree of difference between a baseline and actual performance. The team is involved in:

42.A project team has identified all the WBS elements and has completed its estimates. The project manager is now working toward creating a cost baseline. Which of the following should not be considered for this?

43.A charter for a simple project without much dependency is approved, and the team is working on Iterative scheduling. Which of the following is true about Iterative scheduling?

44.Which of the following is not true about Agile release planning?

45.When do we use Agile methodologies in a project?

46.Project Manager Rachel is preparing for a phase gate review, and some of her peers are concerned because the project does not have any product deliverables. Which of the following is correct about phase gates?

47.An Agile team is preparing for its retrospective. Which of the following is NOT correct about retrospectives?

48.Which of the following is correct about Minimum Viable product?

49.Minimum business increment best works for:

50.Which of the following is NOT true about timeboxes?

51.Diversity is an important element to implement effective leadership. One should be aware that the working style of individuals varies based on:

52.Which of the following is not a trait of servant leadership?

53.Value stream mapping is used to:

54.A project team is discussing daily standup meeting since some of them are new to this. Which of the following is not true about daily standups?

55.Impediments and blockers can be identified at various stages by the team. Which of the following is NOT true about impediments?

56.A team charter is a document that supports a productive project environment. Which of the following is NOT true about team charter?

57.Personality profile assessment can help assess and present the personality profile of each individual, which suggests ways to work with them. Which of the following is not a personality style assessment for individuals?

58.Maintaining compliance requirements is a necessity as part of managing a project. Compliance requirements must be maintained:

59.Most projects have aspects that are subject to legal or regulatory constraints, and the requirements for compliance must be managed through the project. Identify aspects that are NOT included in the compliance requirements.

60.Project risks are captured, tracked, and managed using a risk register. Which of the following is true in relation to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements?

61.Customers can consider buying insurance from a third party that will assume the financial risk as a risk response. Which of the following is NOT true about managing risks?

62.Some of the senior team members in a project are classifying compliance. The team comes up with a list of categories, which includes environmental risk, Workplace safety, corrupt practices, social responsibility, quality, and process risks. The architect does not agree that social responsibility and process risks are categories for compliance. The test lead believes that process risks is a correct category but social responsibility does not have any meaning and cannot be considered a compliance category. The development manager states both social responsibility and process risks can be part of the compliance category classification. Who is correct about compliance categories classification?

63.Project managers need to ensure that compliance requirements for the project are continually identified and managed. Which of the following is least important for potential threats to compliance?

64.Which of the following is NOT a non-functional requirement?

65.Identify where tolerance levels and thresholds can be set.

66.Which of the following is done by QA?

67.What is an immediate next step when a noncompliance issue is identified?

68.Quality audits are used to verify compliance and are generally conducted by an external team. Audits are generally used to: (Choose all options that are correct)

69.Which of the following are components of Business value?

70.A project management plan can contain many subsidiary plans. Which of the following is not correct about Benefits Management Plan?

71.Your company has organized a user conference. In a discussion with one of your company's customers, you ask them a question related to their satisfaction with your company's product. The customer replies that they would be willing to work with another provider since they were not satisfied with your company's product. How would you categorize this customer on the NPS scale?

72.Which of the following is NOT true about internal business environment changes?

73.PESTLE factors are:

74.A product backlog contains the user stories, and these are typically prioritized based on the highest value. Who is responsible for defining and prioritizing user stories in a product backlog?

75.Which of the following is NOT true about continuous improvement?

76.TQM is an approach to improve business results. Which of the following is NOT true about TQM implementation by quality theorists?

77.Which of the following is NOT true about continuous improvement approaches? (Select all that apply)

78.Which of the following statements is NOT true about a product life cycle?

79.A Project Sponsor appointed a Project Manager to a new project and asked her to get started immediately, even before the charter got approved. What should the Project Manager do?

80.Which of the following is the MOST appropriate statement to describe a Project Management Office?

81.A manager who manages a collection of projects grouped together to facilitate effective management to meet strategic business objectives is called a:

82.A project sponsor is studying the project contract and going through the narrative description of products and services to be supplied under contract. The project sponsor is also meeting key stakeholders and subject matter experts to evaluate whether the project is worth the required investment. Which of the following documents would be created as an output in the process?

83.Which of the following is NOT true about the initiating process group?

84.Harry has been assigned the flyover construction project, and he is in the process of initiating the project. In order to meet the customer's project expectations based on the business and compliance requirements, which of the following should Harry define FIRST?

85.Jenny is a Project Manager and is currently in the initiating process group. She understands that it is critical for project success to identify stakeholders early in the project. Therefore, she is in the Identify Stakeholders process. Of the following, which INPUT may not be required?

86.One phase is planned at any given time, and the planning for the next is carried out as work progresses on the current phase and deliverables. Which of the following correctly defines the above text?

87.Which of the following is NOT true about the project charter?

88.You work as a Project Manager at a mobile phone chipset manufacturer. As predicted by Moore's law, each year your company introduces a new model of mobile phone chipsets that are faster and more powerful than their predecessors. Mobile phone chipsets that are obsolete or do not sell are quickly retired from production. The chipsets' life cycle begins in R and D, extends to manufacturing, and finally ends with phase out. This cycle is often referred to as:

89.A Project Manager has defined the key deliverables of the project based on the business and compliance requirements and is now identifying and documenting high-level risks, assumptions, and constraints based on current environment, historical data, and/or expert judgment to identify project limitations and propose an implementation approach. Which process group is the Project Manager in?

90.Which of the following is NOT a function of the project management office?

91.Your development team is waiting for the design team to finish its work. As a Project Manager, you have decided to use this approach to reduce uncertainty in the project. Which of the following relationships does this describe?

92.Which of the following is NOT TRUE for stakeholders?

93.Two members of a team are disagreeing about the right electric parameters for testing a newly designed chipset. Who is in the best position to help resolve this issue?

94.A hospital is installing a new management system to computerize the hospital functions. For this purpose, representatives from several departments are selected to create a task force assigned to implement the project. This organization structure is called:

95.As a Project Manager, you are in the process of establishing the total scope of the effort in the project to define project objectives. For this purpose, you include relevant stakeholders and explore all the aspects of scope, cost, time, risk quality, etc. Which process group of the project are you currently in?

96.Project Manager John and his team have finished creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Work Breakdown Structure dictionary. Then, he prepares a detailed and itemized documentation of all of the schedule activities that are part of the project. What should he do NEXT?

97.A key stakeholder from the quality department wants to know more about how the process tailoring was done by the project team. Additionally, the stakeholder would like to know the rationale for selecting processes, their implementation-level details, and how they will be used to manage interdependencies. Which document should the Project Manager refer the stakeholder to?

98.A Project Manager has invited key stakeholders and team members for the first meeting of the project. The agenda of the meeting is to announce the start of the project, outline the project goals and objectives, as well as communicate the project success criteria. The Project Manager also plans to discuss the individual roles and responsibilities, along with the commitment of the stakeholders. What is this activity called?

99.You are the Project Manager of a highly visible and critical project in your company. This project was initiated with much fanfare, and you have some of the best technical experts in your project team. You are in the process of planning and detailing the scope of the project when you hear the project is being terminated. What could be the MOST likely cause?

100.A Project Manager is in the process of documenting and defining a stakeholder's needs to meet project objectives. What is the output of this process?

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