Jeroen Molenaar


Jeroen Molenaar is an eager and results-driven Scrum Trainer and Agile organization coach with a background in IT that evolved into Scrum Marketing. He has built broad experience as a Scrum Master/Agile coach and has witnessed the ups and downs that every project faces in management, as well as in hands-on roles. This extensive knowledge and experience in the Scrum framework and Agile mindset has taught Jeroen to be a pragmatic, hands-on, yet creative problem solver. He enjoys teaching interactive and engaging classes; students don't sit still in his training.

In the Agile coaching role, he tries to motivate the organization (management as well as teams), enabling everyone to excel in their own specific discipline or specialty. This enables him to quickly determine, select, solve, and master issues on new projects. Jeroen is a pragmatically focused Agile (management) coach, achieving results in accordance with client needs.
For the last five years, he has been experimenting with Agile and Scrum outside of IT. Jeroen has coached Marketing teams and departments, but also teams who make cars — like the world champion solar race car — all by using Scrum and Agile to make their product the best quality and to deliver faster.
Jeroen loves to get organizations into a vibe where they can create small Agile speedboats from the big oil-tankers, getting entrepreneurial skills and behavior back to the enterprise, creating and measuring proper value and creating a learning/improving/innovating organization.

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