Scrum Quiz

  1. Scrum (Most famours Agile Framework) is best suited for?

  2. Which is not the Scrum Value among these?

  3. In Agile Manifesto, it is said that individuals and interactions are _____ than processes and tools.

  4. What emerges from a self organized team?

  5. Who is primarily accountable for maintaining the Product Backlog?

  6. Venkat is responsible for resolving conflicts among Scrum team members, what role he is playing?

  7. What is the maximum time suggested for Sprint Planning?

  8. Who is accountable for Product Backlog Refinement?

  9. A Scrum master in a team plays the role of following EXCEPT?

  10. A reflection (Feedback or feed-forward) workshop in Scrum is called as?

  11. Sprint backlog is owned by ?

  12. As per Scrum Guide, All of the below are referred as Scrum Events EXCEPT?

  13. As per Scrum Guide, All are minimum artifacts in Scrum EXCEPT?

  14. Can we extend the sprint duration by 1 week if there is nothing ready to demo?

  15. When is Sprint called as completed?

  16. Who should ideally estimate the work (User Story)?

  17. Agile in one word is?

  18. What is the maximum possible duration of the Sprint?

  19. DOD (Definition of Done) is an understanding on quality and it's an agreement between?

  20. Who has the authority to cancel the Sprint?