Certified Agile Coach (ICP-ACC)

Agile Certified Coach Certification from ICA (International Consortium of Agile)

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The Agile Coaching workshop delivers the key agile coaching content, skills and mind-sets. Our Agile Coach workshop is highly interactive and experiential. This primary objective of this workshop is to bring about a transformation in the team culture through creating competent and skilled agile coaches. Now days, all teams are expected to be agile in their delivery. Agile teams are a norm. Teams adopting Agile are often burnt-out and cannot sustain their agility. The sustainability of a team's agility has got to do a lot with the skills of the coach. The Agile Coach teaches, mentors, and facilitates the teams in agility aspects, and removes the organization barriers impacting the team's agility in the long run. Agile Coach ICP-ACC certification introduces delegates to foundation team coaching skills and team development concepts for starting and growing teams while focusing on teams and organizations as human systems. A key part of this certification focuses on developing an understanding of the professional coaching skill-set and the value of honing these skills to serve individuals on an agile team. Agile coaching is a craft intended to guide others in understanding, processing, and embracing constant change, so that the change is sustainable, lasting beyond the individuals. Agile coaches guide individuals and teams to get clear about the change they desire, identify places where current reality does not match desired reality and then take action to close the gap -- all in service of delivering business results that matter. Along the way coaches hold the bigger view of desired change, even when others may have lost sight. Agile coaches support, guide, coach, teach, mentor and facilitate change without colluding with the current reality. The Agile Coaching Track provides a development path in skills needed by agile coaches. Through the track, agile coaches learn progressively more complex skills, and receive exposure to rich areas of further self-development beyond the classroom. Agile coaches bring their whole self to the work, weaving together skills from professional facilitation, professional coaching, mentoring, and teaching. They do this in service to teams, to cause change, navigate conflict, intervene, and guide teams towards joyful high performance. "This accredited class is offered by ICAgile Member Organization Agile Visa".

Course Description

ICP-ACC Description


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On successful completion, each participant will receive

  • A certificate titled “ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching” (ICP-ACC).
  • Lots of Idea and learnings to implement at workplace

Who Can Attend

Aspiring Coaches or Existing Coaches who would like to pursue coaching as profession and want to grab International Certification on same. 1. Scrum Masters / Senior Scrum Masters / Chief or Lead Scrum Masters / Transition Lead / Transformation Lead 2.  Project Managers / Agile Project Managers / Test Managers / Iteration Managers / Release Managers 3. Transformation Coaches / Aspiring Agile Coaches / Agile Coaches / Agile Change Agents.

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