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Agile Certified Practitioner

Agile Certified Practitioner

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Agile is a philosophy that uses organizational models based on people, collaboration and shared values. Agile uses rolling wave planning; iterative and incremental delivery; rapid and flexible response to change; and open communication between teams, stakeholders, and customers. There are many approaches to agile that adhere to these tenets, such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean, Kanban and Test-driven Development (TDD). Although agile principles have their roots in the software and IT industries, agile adoption is growing and expanding in a wide range of industries, including health care, marketing and manufacturing.

Agile principles and practices include:

  • Early, measurable return on investment through defined, iterative delivery of product increments
  • High visibility of project progress allows early identification and resolution or monitoring of problems
  • Continuous involvement of the customer throughout the product development cycle
  • Empowerment of the business owner to make decisions needed to meet goals
  •  Adaptation to changing business needs, giving more influence over requirement changes
  •  Reduced product and process waste

Agile Certified Practitioner Certification PMI-ACP is a fastest catching up Agile Certification advocated by PMI. This is said to be a one-in-all Agile Certification that encompasses the overall umbrella of Agile practices knowledge and understanding for all the roles in Project Management.

Who doesn’t want to get recognized for promotion and incentives? If you want to stand apart from the crowd in your office, then you should take up PMI-ACP training & management programs that will give you the winning edge. Delight Learning is a project management training institute located in Bangalore. We offer a wide range of training programs in agile, business management, automation testing, and project management certification PMI. Our head office is located in Bangalore, and we provide PMI-ACP training certification for students not just in India, but also in other countries such as Germany, Qatar, Singapore, Vietnam, United States, and more. At Delight Learning, we offer both classroom training programs and e-learning courses. Depending on your schedule and convenience, you can choose a particular program.

  • Agile Framework – Introduction to Agile, Agile principles and values.
  • Introduction of Scrum – Getting to know Scrum, Scrum roles, ceremonies, artifacts..
  • User Stories – What are user stories and how to write a good user story?.
  • Agile Estimation – Learn how best to estimate project work, agile sizing and estimation techniques..
  • Value Based Prioritization.
  • Agile Planning – Planning-release and iteration; velocity estimates..
  • Agile Monitoring – Know about release and iteration level monitoring of agile projects..
  • Retrospective – Understand deeply how and when retrospective should be used..
  • Extreme Programming – Extreme programming values, practices..
  • Lean – Lean principles, lean tools.
  • Soft Skills and Communication Skills – How effective agile communication for team and project? Discusses abut team and conflict management using power of listening, interpersonal skills and effective communication..
  • Risk Management – Risk Management, risk response strategies.

By earning the PMI-ACP certification, practitioners can:

  • Demonstrate to employers their level of professionalism in agile principles, practices, tools and techniques
  • Increase their professional versatility in project management tools and techniques.
  • Hold a certification that is more credible than existing offerings based only on exams or training
  • Get an introduction to Agile principles and practices
  • Learn how to mentor high-performance teams who deliver results
  • Understand techniques for actively managing project scope and ensuring delivery of the best products possible
  • Get familiar with new ways of managing project scope, schedule, budget and quality that are easily improved through effective Agile controls
  • Learn to combine best methods from multiple Agile methodologies
  • Learn about common pitfalls many teams fall into when adopting Agile practices
  • Change "Command and Control" leadership style to the more powerful "Servant Leadership" method of management
  • Respond to change quickly to seize competitive advantage
  • General Project Experience: For individuals with PMP® certification, general project management experience is not required else you are required to have 2000 hours project experience (in last 5 years)and
  • Agile Project Experience: 1500 hours of experience working on agile projects in last 3 years. These hours are in addition to the 2,000 hours required in general project experience.
  • 21 contact hours of ACP Education

To earn the PMI-ACP certification, you must meet the experience and education requirements, and pass the PMI-ACP exam, a 120-question, multiple-choice test.

  • Teams involved in project management, product management, system and solution design architect or
  • Agile Project Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Scrum Team Members
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Planners
  • Quality Testing and Quality Assurance members
  • Agile Developers / Programmers
  • Designers
  • Testers
  • Project Controller

What value does PMI-ACP bring to a practitioner?

    The PMI-ACP will equip you with following:
  • A professional and conceptual understanding of agile project management.
  • Understand the various agile techniques and tools.
  • It will enable you to lead teams using the more efficient agile practices and the certification will be a validation of your learning.

What are the experience requirements for PMI-ACP?

You need a general project experience of 2,000 hours with project teams you must have earned the hours within the last 5 years. Agile project experience is a minimum of 1,500 hours, and it is separate from the above 2,000 general project experience.

How PMI-ACP is different than any other Agile Certifications?

PMI-ACP covers a broad range of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, XP, FDD, Crystal, DSDM, etc.). Also, it has strict requirements for both agile training as well as agile experience.

How much the PMI-ACP certification cost?

The current costs for the PMI-ACP certification exams are $435 and $495 for members and non-members respectively.

Is there any Minimum Criteria for the PMI-ACP Examination?

    The following are the Minimum criteria that needs to be fulfilled:
  • Educational Background :Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent)
  • General Project Experience: Min 2,000 hours (12 months) working on project teams this experience must have been earned in the last 5 years.
  • Agile Project Experience :1,500 hours (8 months) working on project teams using agile methodologies This experience must have been earned in the last 3 years These hours are in addition to the 2,000 hours required in general project experience.
  • Training in Agile Practices: 21 contact hours must have been earned in agile practices.

How do I schedule PMI-ACP certification exam appointment?

On submission of your application and once you are eligible, PMI will e-mail you examination scheduling instructions with your eligibility code which you will need when scheduling your exam. You can schedule your exam appointment online or by telephone.

What happens if my eligibility expires and I have not taken the exam?

Your application is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of approval. If you allow your eligibility to lapse, you must re-apply.

How much time does it take to prepare for the Exam?

Preparation time varies by individual. Most people take about 10-20 hours for preparation.

What is the format of the exam?

Certification exams consist of 120 Multiple-choice questions. 3 hours. No Negative marking.

Where is the PMI-ACP certification Exam conducted?

All PMI computer-based exams are offered at all Prometric Testing Centers worldwide. You can check for locations on Prometric's website but you will need to have submitted your certification fees and received your examination scheduling instructions in order to schedule an exam appointment.

What if I fail the exam, am I allowed re-taking?

You have 3 chances to sit for the exam in your 1-year eligibility period. Every retake of exam will require an extra fee.

What are PDUs?

Project Management Institute (PMI) uses the term PDU’s (Professional Development Units) for education credit to renew PMI certifications.

Can I take a virtual/online course for PMI-ACP?

Yes. Live virtual training and online courses are available for PMI-ACP.

Who will be the trainer?

Delight learning has a rich pool of experienced and passionate trainers. The trainer's credentials will be shared once you register with us.

What language is the training conducted?

All trainings conducted by Delight Learning are in English.

How can I pay for this workshop?

We have all provisions of payment e.g. Credit card, Debit card, Payment wallets, direct transfer to account.

If I cancel my enrolment, will I get the refund?

Please refer the Cancellation and Refund Policy.

If I have more questions whom should I contact?

If you have more questions feel free to contact us on, write to us on and you can also reach us on +91 8660081352 +91 9908496350

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Agile Certified Practitioner Certification PMI-ACP

What is taught in an Agile course?

Teaching of Agile methodologies is increasingly becoming important in the IT field due to the essential knowledge imparted and the crucial skills taught. One of the vital things teams are taught is how to quickly adapt to changes in the market and what to do in order to influence rapid customer adaptability. Teams are further taught effective ways to mitigate risks during the early product life-cycle stages. Also, Agile methodologies teach teams how to incorporate their customers into the software or product development process, encouraging customer feedback and constructive criticism. Eventually, teams learn how to discover the requirements and needs of their customers through the feedback system they are trained to use in every product development work.Delight Learning offers PMI-ACP training in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Kochi and other major cities of India.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Agile PMI Certification?

To be considered eligible for the Agile PMI-ACP certification, one has to fulfill the following requirements. Pass an examination testing knowledge of Agile fundamentals. Have general project experience through working for at least 2000 hours on project teams in the last 5 years. Have Agile project experience by working for at least 1500 hours on Agile project teams in the last 3 years. Must have completed up to 21 training hours in Agile practices.

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