Certified Agile Leadership for Teams (CAL-T)


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The goal of this course is to create awareness about the changing dynamics in today's world of work and equip leaders with the practices they need to effectively lead their teams. Agile teams require an alternative to the traditional leadership approaches of the past in order to achieve better outcomes and thrive in this VUCA world (as learned in the CAL-Essentials module). This training will help participants understand how their natural dispositions might affect their team and how to influence the workplace empowering teams to thrive. Leaders will learn how to create a safe-to-fail environment while fostering a culture of transparency, inspection and adaptation to allow for experimentation and continuous learning within their teams.

Course Description



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Discovering new approaches to leading teams in an increasingly complex, unpredictable and volatile world.

  • VUCA World
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Leadership Behaviours
  • Organizational Culture
  • Culture of Empiricism

Leading High Performing Teams- 

The intent behind this agenda is to help leaders recognize the needs and characteristics of high performing teams.

  • Characteristics
  • Employee Engagement
  • Servant Leadership
  • Accountability Culture
  • Knowing Your Team

Learn how to help teams become high-performing

  • Developing People
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Value Alignment

Collaboration across Multiple teams

  • Scaling Challenges
  • Trust and Collaboration
  • Team Metrics
  • Case Study

Influencing as a leader

  • Coaching and Influencing
  • Coaching Competencies
  • Coaching Stances
  • Individual Growth
  • Coaching Teams
  • Coaching up


Certified Agile Leadership Teams (CAL-T) training will prepare you with:

  • The skills necessary in order to become an effective Leader which can use their unique strengths for the betterment of the whole team
  • CAL-T training will help you influence culture and support your teams on their journey to High Performing teams.
  • It will equip you with skills around mentoring and coaching your team in the VUCA scenario
  • You will be able to a fully functional Agile team and organization
  • This training can enhance both your career and your personal life.

Who Can Attend

There are no prerequisites for CAL-T training. Anyone is eligible. It is recommended for and is ideal for anyone who manages a team or has direct reports under them.

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters

Frequently Asked Questions

The Certified Agile Leadership—Teams (CAL-T) training focuses on building leadership skills and empower leaders with unique strengths for the betterment of the whole team. CAL-T continues your leadership journey looking at ways to influence culture and support your teams on their journey to High Performing teams. It explores the multiple facets of your leadership role around mentoring and coaching and challenges you may face as you scale Agility in your organization. It looks at ways to be engaged with your team without micromanaging them, and using metrics that support your team’s growth.

The CAL-T training is currently offered as a virtual, online workshop. It covers all of the learning objectives through interactive activities, simulations, and discussions. This workshop is a perfect balance of relevant theories, case studies, Agile leadership, and real-time discussions that will set you on a decidedly upward training in your journey.

There are no prerequisites for CAL-T. Anyone is eligible. However it is recommended for people who lead teams and are in supervisory position.

You have to attend 8 hours of training by a Certified Scrum Trainer post which they can download the certificate from Scrum Alliance website.

You get

  • Training by Experienced Certified Trainer
  • Hands-on Activities, Group Discussions
  • Slide handout’s and pre-training study material


Certification Details

You will need to complete 8 hours training with a Certified Scrum Trainer. Post completion of the training, we shall register you with Scrum Alliance and you will get certification / login link in your email id. You need to accept license and download your Certificate.

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